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SUUM vs. Swipe Card
$69/mo or $70/10 classes

"When I first started at the Studio, I signed up for the swipe card until other membership options were available. SUUM (Studio Unlimited Ultimate Membership) costs about the same as a swipe card, but allows more classes. When I was using the swipe card, I restricted most classes to the dance exercise classes and occasionally a weight class. SUUM allows a lot more flexibility and therefore I have tried all of the classes offered. It also allows one to take the second half of one class followed by the first of the next class, when time constraints interfere with class times. In addition there are perks with SUUM membership: a free smoothie/week, discounts on personal training and clothing.
With regards to personal training, I can highly recommend both the individual as well as the group
training. Most exercise associations recommend a minimum of 3 hours of cardio per week
supplemented by some weight training. The literature varies on the amount of and the age at which
muscle mass begins to decline leading to loss of strength and mobility. Beginning at age 25 – 30 years,
muscle strength declines from 3 – 5% per decade. The flexibility of the SUUM membership lets one
take as many of the “fun” classes while also taking the healthy weight classes without feeling that you
“gave up” a swipe for weight! Ease into weight training with an Ultimate Workout class – zumba +
toning + weights. Both cardio and weight training are necessary to maintain health as you pass the
decades of your twenties and thirties. Support the Studio by signing up for SUUM while also
maintaining both muscle strength and bone health."
Margaret Roach (SENIOR decades)
Brookville, OH
Member since 2007 (pictured: Instructor Nina, SUUM Cheryl, SUUM Margaret)



From Studio Unlimited Member Kallie K., age 27, from Dayton - "I joined The Studio Fitness in March, to start getting into shape (again). Exercise has always been a chore but when I started going to the classes it became fun and was something I looked forward to.  When I started doing the Kettlebell & MORE! class, I noticed a difference in myself and I wanted to continue building up my strength, so I signed up for Personal Training with Gina.  I had told her exactly what I wanted to work on and when I needed extra motivation she was always there for support!  I started working with her in early May and I have lost a total of 15 pounds.  The Studio Fitness has been such a great place for me to go to, the staff goes above and beyond what you need and I actually look forward to work outs.  Thanks to all the staff for all the support it has really helped me stay motivated and a special thanks to Gina for helping me accomplish my goals!"
From The Studio Fitness Personal Trainer Gina - "When Kallie first came to me in May and told me her goals and what she wanted to accomplish, I knew she could do it.  Kallie rarely complained about the workouts I gave her.  In August, she wanted to take her fitness to the next level and I gave her nutrition suggestions. She complied and I am  amazed at the results she’s achieved. Kallie is the perfect example of a young fit professional wanting to take her fitness to the next level. Great job Kallie!"

Before             After

Ever since I was much younger, I've had terrible knees. I first dislocated my right knee when I was 14. The following year I had surgery on my left knee. Over the years, I've had several more minor injuries to my knees. Each time I was injured, I'd be off that knee for several weeks and the muscles in my legs would begin to atrophy. Being that I was young and dumb, I never did physical therapy following the injuries so my legs never properly healed and it put much more strain on my knees and my back.

I finally decided back in April that it was time I deal with my leg situation. That's when I began personal training with Heather Tippie. The first few weeks were brutal, just because my legs had never really done work like that and weren't accustomed to it. I knew I had to stick with it though, otherwise my legs would never improve. After just 3 or 4 weeks, I began to feel improvements and the soreness wasn't as bad. I knew I had gotten through the worst of it. It has now been four months since we began training and the difference is night and day. I've never felt better and my legs have never felt stronger. I never even noticed some of the things I'd do to compensate for the lack of strength in my legs. Anytime I'd sit on a low seat, I'd have to assist myself down. And I almost always picked things up using my back rather than my legs, which lead to frequent back pain.

We are only given one body in this life and we need to take care of it, because without our health, we don't have anything.

~ Corey


My weight would fluctuate between 120 pounds and 140 in my twenties and early thirties.  At age 35, I started gaining weight and as of March 4, 2014, age 56 I reached my highest ever at 258 pounds.  Unfortunately, I never changed my eating habits and increased my exercise when I started gaining. I am 5' 7" and according to my Family Physician yesterday, the charts say I should be 135 pounds.   He was realistic and said 160 pounds would be a good healthy weight for me. I debated putting down my actual weight on here, but it helps me to see those numbers and push me to work harder.  I do now realize it is not totally about the number on the scale, but eating right, getting aerobic workouts and strength training.  It has to be the whole picture, not just one component of it.  My next major goal is to reach 199 pounds, which I have not seen in at least 15 years!!  Fortunately, I have avoided diabetes, but time was going to run out if I did not do something.  The Studio Fitness has always been, a place I felt comfortable going to workout.  Everyone has always been so friendly and didn't judge people.  I started going to The Studio Fitness about 4 years ago and try to tell people how wonderful everyone is, the variety of classes and the expertise and knowledge of the instructors.  I have also met so many nice friends there.

On March 4, 2014, I decided things had to change for me.  I started exercising more and eating healthier, and had lost 25 pounds by May.  It was time to push harder and I decided to get Personal Training at The Studio Fitness.  I signed up for the 10 session package.  It was easier that way, to pay it at one time and to make the commitment.  On May 3, 2014 I started, with Heather T. as my Personal Trainer.  I would meet with her for an hour each Saturday morning for the 10 weeks.  There are not enough words, how wonderful Heather has been.  She went over what I wanted to work on and a plan was set in motion.  Heather would increase my program every week to get the best benefits, but would do it within my tolerance level.  She also would recommend things I could do at home, and be sure to get strength and aerobic classes in at the Studio.  I finished my Personal Training sessions on July 19, 2014.  A final assessment was done and I lost 7.45 inches overall and another 14 pounds!!  I have learned so much now about strength training, and I have a program to do at home.  The Personal Training pushed me to the next level, and gave me the confidence that I needed.  It is so nice to hear compliments from people about how I look now, and I appreciate everybody telling me.   It is now easier to buy clothes and get back in some that I stuffed away in a drawer.  I was at The Studio Fitness yesterday morning at 8:00 a.m. and did many errands after that without going home.  I was walking out to my car yesterday and a girl walking behind me said, "You look so cute in your workout outfit".  She was about my age and asked about The Studio Fitness, that she saw on my shirt.  I gave her the information, and she wrote down the web site in front of me.  She lives in Troy and said she was going to check it out.  

I am always glad to tell anyone about the The Studio Fitness and all that they offer.  As I have said before, they are my "Fitness Family."

~ Jill Hahn, Huber Heights 

                  May 2014                                             July 2014, with Instructor Heather T.

Like many people, our work life has always been demanding and time consuming.  We had always been physically active but with each promotion we had less time to exercise, that with passing years was not a good combination.  I thought I ate well because that was something I could control without extra time, but diet alone was not enough.  A career change allowed us to take stock, I (Mary) love to dance and found Studio Fitness staff and customers to be such a welcoming and supportive community.  So many wonderful and fun classes make each workout different and exciting.  I did the detox diet with Paula and for the first time, a change in diet helped because Paula had more refined info than I did, and the diet was now part of a full program of exercise.   The pounds dropped off and I never felt better,  almost five years later I cannot wait to make it to class for the good friends and good music.  I have not worn this size clothes since high school, early high school.  No sacrifice, just fun with good people.  Over time, I decided to super charge my shape up and try personal training,  Bill had seen the results and I encouraged him to join me.  We have been personal training with Doug for almost four years now and weight training with an experienced, excellent trainer like Doug accelerates all your results!!!   Ladies, you will not bulk up, Doug is an expert at making sure you build lean muscle.  Bill on the other hand HAS built muscle, which as a firefighter comes in VERY handy.  We work out together and that makes it great fun.  Doug organizes a challenging routine at each session, but we laugh our way through it.  For optimal results try Studio Fitness and Studio Fitness personal training.  Thank you Doug and Joan for such wonderful, comprehensive,  and fun shape up opportunities.

Bill and Mary Grilliot

I have been a smoker for the past 25 years. In February I decided to quit. My biggest fear of quitting smoking was that I was going to gain my weight back. Having lost 30 pounds I did not want that to happen. I have always went off and on to The Studio Fitness but it was at that time when I decided to stop smoking I became an Unlimited Gold Pass Member. Now my new addiction is Zumba! Doing Zumba has definitely helped me keep my weight off. I feel so much better and I always look forward into going to the classes. I along with the staff of The Studio Fitness challenge "YOU" to "KICK THE HABIT". It will be the best decision you have ever made for yourself. A BIG Thank You to Doug & Joan for helping "ME" "KICK THE HABIT"!!

~ Jenny N
age 41


There are just a few things I've been thinking about for about a year and I've decided to put it in print.  I would first like to say that it's Marianne's fault that I'm hooked on The Studio Fitness.  I started out a year ago because I couldn't ride my bike due to the weather.  I was very much out of shape and in need of some type of exercise program.  Joan showed me around and explained everything to me.  I started out looking for a place for my wife to go because she wasn't happy with her community-based gym center.  The thing about the Studio that really got me hooked was a friendly atmosphere and the quality of the staff.  I know that I will never be a real Zumba® guy, but I enjoy every minute of trying.  I absolutely love LaBlast because it is another type of fitness class that can benefit anybody who enjoys music and movement. The place is much more than just a fitness studio, it's like a friendly family group.  It's not a meat locker, these people are serious about their fitness.  It has any kind of exercise format that you could possibly want and more.  I have never met so many friendly, kind, people in my life.

I started out doing 15 minutes and being dog tired.  Now, I attend at least seven days a week and love every day of it.  I feel as though I have a new group of friends, my condition has improved one hundred percent.  Most of my clothes actually fit now, and I can actually do an hour of Zumba without being exhausted.

I would recommend the Studio to anyone of any age in any shape. Feel better about yourself, look better, and enjoy new friends - the Studio is a wonderful place to start.  Although I am not any prettier than I was, I certainly feel better. :)  I can never say enough about the instructors, staff or about the people that attend the Studio.  They're all absolutely wonderful.  This is just simply my way of saying "Thank You" to the Studio and all the people that I have met and made friends with.

Ace A., Union
Studio Unlimited Member
Age: "It is just a number"

People I know have been saying, “You look great!  What have you been doing?”  I say eating “heart healthy” and doing Zumba!

After a visit to my doctor’s office in January of this year, I received a wakeup call.  My “numbers” were a little high and the doctor wanted to put me on drugs.  I told him that I wanted to try to get the numbers in line myself by eating healthier and with exercise rather than taking the prescribed drugs.  I started on a “heart healthy” diet immediately and shortly thereafter started a daily routine of walking.  The weight was slowly starting to come off and I was beginning to get my energy back.  But I knew I needed something else to really get the results I wanted.  I love to dance and I thought I would enjoy Zumba as a form of exercise.  Little did I know what I was getting myself into!  Read more...



Sometime in 2006, a friend from my aerobics class asked me to go to a Zumba® class with her.  I agreed.  I had read an article about Zumba in the newspaper, and the class sounded like fun, plus I was getting bored with my aerobics class.  I went to class the next Saturday and met Joan and Doug.  After one class, I knew I had found my new exercise. The class had loud(!) music and easy moves.  I found that if I didn’t think, I could follow along pretty easily.  I did have to take a nap after that first class though! 
In 2007, Joan and Doug opened their studio.  Now I had many more options to take Zumba.  When school let out in the summer, I started taking classes in the mornings. Before too long, Joan and Doug added new classes – and new instructors - to their schedule. 
After I retired in 2008, I had plenty of time to exercise.  I discovered that mornings suited me best; the Studio had many options including Zumba, PUMP! and the Ultimate Workout.  
In 2010, my doctor recommended that I stop taking Boniva. I asked what to do instead. He said, “Do weights.” I had been taking PUMP! very other week; I started taking the class every week, and I liked the results.  Never one to have any upper-body strength, I found that I was getting stronger.  My legs, which were pretty well toned by many years of exercise, became even more toned!  I started with the two-pound weights; soon I moved up.  Today, my muscles could do more, but I have to listen to my 62-year old joints.  Still, I am happy to work with the weights, and I love PUMP! (even if I do curse Doug and /or Joan the day after class).
Joan has done a great job of “mixing it up” for the morning crew. We have Zumba, PUMP!, Total Body Tabata, Cardio Dance, and Circuit.  A new addition is Connie’s TSF Barre class.  I always thought those little ballerinas just floated around looking graceful. The TSF Barre class is killer, and I love it. The mix of classes assures us that we are getting both cardio and strength workouts.  For the summer, Joan has scheduled an 8 a.m. Run/Walk/Bike group which has forced me to get out my bike and ride it again (I’d forgotten how much I enjoyed it).
Probably the biggest surprise for me is the Monday 10 a.m. yoga class.  I went into the class as a total novice. Luz Ann, the instructor, is wonderful at showing her students different ways to do the various postures.  She can adapt any move for the novice or the expert.  I love the hour of total relaxation although there is definitely an element of physical challenge. Yoga has been a welcome addition to the morning schedule.
Along with regular exercise, I watch what I eat.  When I was in my 30's, I saw that I had gained about 17 pounds.  That’s not a huge amount of weight, but on a 5’3” frame, it wasn’t a good thing.  I knew I had to stop gaining.  I found a support group and took off that weight by following a very reasonable diet.  When Cooking Light magazine came out around 1990, I began to use their recipes. They keep the fat content down and use lean protein, whole grains, and lots of vegetables – all the things that I like to eat! My husband and I put out a big garden every year and can our bounty, which allows us to eat homegrown food year-round. During the winter, we put a coldframe over our herbs so we can pick oregano, thyme, and rosemary. I try to buy locally-raised meat and chicken whenever possible. There’s nothing quite as satisfying as having a meal that comes from your own efforts.  I have found that cooking at home is (1) cheaper, (2) better tasting, (3) more nutritious, and (4) lower in fat than most restaurant meals.  Eating real food and keeping physically active have kept the weight off for close to thirty years. 
Joan and Doug strive to make the Studio a place where fitness is a daily choice.  The daily choices include both movement and nutrition. Paula, the Certified Nutritionist on staff, can help with food choices and discuss the kinds of food a person should avoid.  The gardeners (including Doug and many members) will be happy to suggest vegetables that you can raise at home.  Making a few changes in habit can have so many positive results!

~Sue Leet, Brookville

An email. Something so simple and so much a part of our daily lives we don't even think much about it. But what happens when one email can change your life? That is what happened to me last November. I have known about The Studio Fitness for many years and come to a few classes here and there with my 10-class punch card. I tried doing Zumba classes at other places, but nothing compared to the quality of the classes at The Studio. I wanted to get on a fitness routine, but had not found the right place or time to begin. One afternoon in November, I received an email with updates from The Studio Fitness. The email described the special for the month of December for $39 unlimited classes and no contract. Immediately I became so excited because the price was great and knew I would make time to go to as many classes possible to get my money's worth. So on December 1, I signed up and attended 21 Zumba and PUMP! classes in December. Every class I went to I became more and more hooked and wanted to keep coming back. When January came around, I knew that there was no way I could go back to not having the unlimited membership, so I became a member on January 2. It was the best decision I ever made. My life has changed dramatically since the day I got that email. I have lost 50 lbs and am in the best shape of my life. I feel wonderful everyday and my stress level has decreased dramatically. Another very important piece of this is the relationships I have made through The Studio Fitness. I have made wonderful friends in both the instructors and other students and I am so thankful to have met each and every one of them. I became a Zumba instructor and sub for classes there, as well. Needless to say, last November I would have never guessed that my life would have changed so dramatically. But one email with information about this special event was enough to start the changes. I encourage everyone to try for just one month and see what The Studio Fitness is all about. You will love the atmosphere, the people, and the way you feel after each and every class.  

~Lindsay Schultz


Before                     After

Booty Beat will Beat your Booty 
OK, being a Zumba addict for the last 8 years I am VERY reluctant to try anything else for exercise since I'm sure it will be less fun and less effective than Zumba.  Why would I waste my time and energy right?  Well because of lack of time and too many other things in my schedule the only thing I had time for was Booty Beat. I forced myself to go since I needed to exercise that week.  WOW!! Was I wrong.  What a phenomenal workout!  And fun too.  Ever have those workouts where you can't pull yourself out of your chair or off the toilet the next day?  That's booty beat.  Ever have those workouts where your muscles are being broken down and built back up so much they are sore for 3 days?  That's Booty Beat!  Maybe this is the work out I have been looking for that will tone those ripples and shift things back to where they should be. I have no intentions of eliminating my regular Zumba class but will DEFINITELY be adding in Booty Beat every week at The Studio Fitness in Vandalia.
~ Amy Wade, Vandalia



         BEFORE                                     AFTER

Dave and Chris Mesker, both Studio Unlimited members, enjoy the variety of classes available at The Studio Fitness.  Dave is 51 years old and takes seven or more classes a week, including one of his newest favorites - Kettlebell.  Read their entire story here...


About three years ago, I walked into The Studio Fitness for the first time. I was really impressed with the Zumba instructors and the organization of this small business. It started out with a punch card for $65 that would give me 10 classes. That would only be $6.50 a class, compared to their $10 drop-in class. The punch card lasted me about 3 weeks going three times a week. Then I was introduced to the gold Studio Unlimited card. I sat down with my trusty ol' calculator to figure out if I would be saving money. If I signed up for the Studio Unlimited option the price of the card (tax and all) would be $73.83 and would be taken directly out of my charge card monthly. I am very committed to working out so I figured with this new card, I could actually go everyday, and it would only cost me $2.39 a day. WOW!!!! I could really stay in shape and not have to sweat the money, only the fat. So I signed up for Studio Unlimited and have been going ever since... EVERYDAY!!!

~ Sandy, Vandalia

I was always thin until age 35.   I was in the high school drill team, did line dancing and other dance activities.     At 5' 7" and 120 pounds, I didn't really forsee what the future would bring with regards to my weight and overall health.  I was a yo yo dieter, would get into a great fitness routine and then get tired of it.  Eventually, I had gained about 90 pounds more.  I was 53 when a coworker of mine mentioned Zumba fitness to me in Vandalia.  She thought I would enjoy the studio and she really liked Doug and Joan's classes.  She would ask me over the next 6 months if I tried it yet, and I kept putting it off. I had never had any formal dance training, but decided it was time to try Zumba Fitness.  I remember walking in the door the first time and was greeted by Jennifer and Doug, and took Jennifer's medium level class.  Once I took the first class, I knew I wanted to try it again and moved up to the next class level.  It didn't take long for me to start knowing more of the staff and instructors.  Everyone was always so welcoming  and helpful if I had questions.  The studio became my second home and was a great stress reliever after working all day.  I lost 43 pounds by August of 2010.  I was in clothes about 2-3 sizes down and was so much happier with my life.  Due to some medical issues in February 2011, I had to stop the Zumba classes for about 3 months and most of my weight returned.  My physician was not too sure I should go back to classes, but I told him about the floating dance floor,and that I needed to return to classes both "mentally and physically." He finally agreed, knowing how determined I was to get back to Zumba classes.  I am now starting to see positive changes in my body again and it improves daily.  I am on the right track now, and credit most of this to the Studio Fitness great staff and instructors. I could not of done it without you.  This is one exercise program that I have not gotten tired of, and will continue to do it for a long time to come. I now have taken a couple of Instructor workshops and doing more community demo's.   I have finally found an exercise program that I really enjoy.  This is the best place for fitness and all kinds of classes.   It doesn't matter if you are a dancer or not, you will fit right in and feel very welcome. Words cannot express, how much I appreciate everything the staff and instructors have done to inspire me. 

~ Jill Hahn, Huber Heights

Since I walked through the doors of The Studio Fitness over 3 years ago, I have had the immense
pleasure of attending many of the classes that the studio has had to offer. Each instructor and class has
always offered something different, whether that may be cardio, strength, toning, style, technique or a
level of learning. The ability to have those choices has helped me to find what works for my body type
and have allowed me to reach several personal fitness goals. For that, I would simply like to say "Thank
You" to all the instructors for their dedication and hard work that goes into creating their classes.  Read more...

Sizzling Summer Shape-Up Update from Sharon

A picture is worth 1,000 words. I can't tell you how many people have seen these pictures and commented on the look on my face. More than the size of my butt or the obvious shrinkage that has occurred, they are  noticing my expression from pic 1 and pic 3, and they couldn't be more right. I felt every bit how I looked in pic #1, absolutely miserable.  And now that I'm starting to get back to a healthy weight, I couldn't be more happy. I look younger and feel younger. I have more energy. I can't wait to workout now. I'm now down almost 40 lbs and I am halfway to my goal. A few months ago, I wasn't sure I would be able to even hit 10  lbs. But with all the different class choices at TSF, I have been able to make it happen...and boy am I seeing results! I can't keep up with my weight loss to wear my clothes. Shortly after I hit -30 lbs I went and bought 2 pairs of pants because everything else was getting so THOSE pants are too big :D Thanks to Doug and Joan and all the instructors at TSF, I couldn't do it without you.  I can't wait to give you the next update :)

Why Studio Unlimited?

Studio Unlimited has truly helped my weekly workout schedule!  With the convenience of unlimited classes, I take more classes than I would have without it.  For example, I was taking the PUMP! class on Wednesday and going home.  Now with Studio Unlimited, I stay and finish up my workout with Zumba!   Why not?  I’m already there and the class is basically paid for.  The more classes I take a week, the more money I save and the better I feel.  Because of Studio Unlimited, I have a more well rounded workout, and I am truly seeing the results.

Cindy Kaney, Age: 56
Profession:  Sr Consultant with CSC in Beavercreek (Part of the huge ECSS project for the Air Force)
Live in: Huber Heights  |  Born and raised in:  New Jersey


We really enjoy and take advantage of the convenience of the variety of classes and times offered at Studio Fitness.  Like most people, we started going to the Studio for the Zumba classes, but once we became Studio Unlimited members we felt like it was more affordable for us to try out some of the other classes.  It turns out that we enjoy these other classes just as much as Zumba!  PUMP! and Kettlebell are two of our favorites!  The Studio Unlimited program allows us the flexibility of trying new classes and finding the ones that suit our needs and schedules at an affordable price!  We definitely recommend!
Leslie Schaurer, Age: 31
Profession: X-ray & MRI Technologist
Tara Cassel, Age: 31
Profession:  Insurance Agent



“I’ll never let myself gain weight when I get older, mom.”
Those are the words I said to my mother time and time again when she would remind me that my horrible eating habits would catch up to me someday. Little did I know that turning 25 would make those words haunt me. Over the past year and 1/2 I have managed to put on noticeable weight which prompted new clothing to fit my body. Yuck!  Read more...

I took my first Zumba class a couple years ago where I work, and was so excited to find a fitness program that I actually looked forward to attending! I had tried other aerobics classes and videos at home, but was never willing and/or able to stick with anything. With Zumba I couldn’t WAIT for the next class! I LOVED the music, and the choreography! The challenge of learning the steps captivated my attention and for the first time I didn’t compare myself to other people in the class!  Read more...

I had taken a few Zumba classes at the YMCA in 2009 and thought it was a lot of fun, but I was overweight and lazy.  Mainly Lazy, LOL.  I lost a little weight on my own with moderate exercise and diet and was feeling ok summer 2009.  Then winter came.  I gained all of the weight I lost PLUS 10 more pounds.  165+ pounds on a 5’4 woman is not my idea of feeling good about myself.  So around my 37th birthday I decided, ok, let’s try this again.  I attended Zumba classes at my church to get back in the groove of things, feeling comfortable around friends (I do not have the best rhythm or coordination!).  I still wasn’t completely motivated yet, but watching late night TV (and probably eating ice cream) I saw the Zumba infomercial with Beto.  I’m tapping my foot along and watching everyone and they say, “Next we’re going to travel to Ohio…” And I saw signs of Dayton!  Next thing I know there is the lady I took Zumba from at the YMCA in 2009 and Doug and Joan Jones showing their before and after pictures and talking about how Zumba has changed their life.  Really?  LIFE changing?  Ok, I’ll bite……Called up Mr. Beto Perez personally; ok not really, just the 800 phone number advertised and ordered the DVD’s, toning sticks and ALL!  I was so excited when they came but I also thought, I have to check out this place in Vandalia and see how a place can be devoted to Zumba…is it really that big?  Read more...

Just a little note to say thank you to you, Doug and everyone involved on hosting the Zumbatomic with Marci Gill. I know it takes a lot of work and preparation for each event. All of you did a fabulous job in making us feel welcome and very comfortable at your beautiful facility. You were so kind and friendly that I came back on Sunday to see you and ask you for directions. Please extend my thanks to your friend that came out of her Zumba class to help me out with my GPS. I did follow her directions and made it home just great. 
Again thank you so much for everything you do to make everyone feel welcome. The last but not least also please say thank you to Corey the best smoothie maker ever!!! For him to remember what I order the previous day and make it for me again the next day is very impressive. I know I can't wait to share with everyone about my great experience at your studio. All I can say is you guys rock!!!  Again thank you for everything! Take care and hopefully I will see you sometime soon again.
Maria - Mayfield Heights, Ohio
Zumba Instructor  Basic 1 & 2, Zumba Toning, Zumbatomic Instructor, Zumba Instructor Network Member

Our Secret!

Most people ask us if we are sisters, we are not.

Although we may not share the same parents, we do have a secret, we share the same primarily age-related disease process, Osteoporosis. As you are probably aware, Osteoporosis is a "thinning" of the bones, which causes them to become brittle and break easily.

"We wish we would have known 2 years ago what we know now about the importance of strength training," says Christi.  Read more...

For me life is continuously being hungry. The meaning of life is not simply to exist, to survive, but to move ahead, to go up, to achieve, to conquer.  -Arnold Schwarzenegger

Dedicated. Determined. Disciplined.
These are all words that people have used to describe me. I think that these words can be used to describe all of us in some way. We all have our priorities. Over the last three years my main priority has been fitness. Sure, I do have other priorities, but to me exercise is like brushing my teeth. I wouldn’t go a day without brushing them, so why would I go a day without exercise? Fitness is now a way of life for me. It is routine. It is my hobby. It is my passion.

I think the key in sticking with something is finding something you enjoy. I love to dance and I love upbeat music, so Zumba has been wonderful for me! I am so very thankful for Studio Zumba Fitness. After three years the excitement and joy of taking a Zumba class is stronger than ever!  Read more...

Women Must Exercise an Hour Each Day to Stay Lean, Study Says   “Wouldn’t it be better to prevent the weight gain in the first place, so you don’t have to subsequently lose weight and maintain that weight loss?” said Lee, an associate professor at Brigham and Woman’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School in Boston, in a March 19 telephone interview. “If you’re a healthy weight and you want to prevent weight gain over time, you need to be physically active at least 60 minutes a day.”  Read the full article...

Barbara Harbor Evert, MD and Vice President / Chief Medical Officer
at the Upper Valley Medical Center in Troy, OH says
"An hour a day at STUDIO Zumba® Fitness is the prescription!"


When asked why I drive from Springfield to The STUDIO in Vandalia, my answer is always the same, why wouldn't I. If your goals are to better your health, lose some weight and just to have fun, then this IS the place. With all the different styles of Zumba, strength/toning classes, personal training, Masala Bhangra, Yoga/Pilates Fusion classes to choose from it is an easy choice to make each day. To call the Yoga/Pilates Fusion class and instructor Velvet exceptional would be an understatement. I have been personal training in yoga with Velvet for several months. She has helped me to grow in ways I did not think were possible. Her classes are so necessary and important for the development of core strength and balance which helps in all areas of life. Combined with the cardio of Zumba and Bhangra I have a very well rounded program. They compliment each other so well and Bhangra is amazing in its own right.  Read more...

Pump You Up Instructor Kris, Holiday Express in 8 program winner Tara,
Pump You Up
Instructor Doug

STUDIO Zumba Fitness is absolutely amazing and has changed my life! I have attended classes at STUDIO Zumba Fitness for nearly a year and enjoy every instructor's intense workouts. The instructors exhibit high levels of energy, are friendly, willing to help you with dance moves or proper form for weight lifting, and have all inspired me to want to workout on a daily basis. In order to see maximum results, they have encouraged me to incorporate both cardio and weight training classes into my workout routine.


STUDIO Zumba® Fitness is pleased to announce that $1,300 was raised today for
the Haiti Earthquake Relief!  Thanks to everyone who attended and donated, and a very special THANKS to the ZES mystery guest - Maria Browning!

All donations are being sent to the American Red Cross.

As a health care provider, I understand the important role that diet and exercise play in a healthy lifestyle. Studio Zumba Fitness classes, personal training with Doug and the great -tasting nutritious smoothies and juices from Locolicious Natural Juice & Coffee Bar keep me looking and feeling my best. All this at an affordable price too!

~ Angela Rothstein

I love Zumba® Fitness and decided I wanted to open a Fitness Center here in Southern California that would focus primarily on Zumba® Fitness Classes. I found STUDIO Zumba® Fitness online and contacted Joan to inquire if we could arrange a visit to see what their STUDIO was like. Joan and Doug were very gracious and even though they were having a special event which was sold out, they invited us to come and see them. Their STUDIO Zumba® Fitness is amazing, it is welcoming, comfortable and a great place to go workout. This visit solidified that my idea could work. I hope we can make it as good as STUDIO Zumba®  Fitness and that people will love to come to our center as much as they do Joan and Doug’s Studio.

~ Diane and Steve Kapitan
Southern California

WOW!!!! After losing 180 lbs. . .ZUMBA® has taught me how to safely keep in great sculpted shape, motivated & enjoy the camaraderie of all the classmates.  Thank you, Doug & Joan.

P.S.  Maddie will be joining us on the STUDIO Zumba® Fitness cruise!

~ Maddie

I have been taking Zumba® classes occasionally along with weight training, elliptical, and jogging off and on for 3 years. However, I just started taking classes at STUDIO Zumba® Fitness for just over 12 weeks. This is definitely my favorite place to work out and I actually look forward to the classes.

Doug, Joan and Angie, and the other instructors make it fun and REALLY know what they are doing. The Trim in 12 program gave me the incentive to step it up a notch. I did and I lost 4.3% body fat during this program. My clothes fit better and I had a great time during my workouts.

~ Shannon Flynn

Dear Joan, Doug, Studio Zumba® Instructors, Students and Friends...
I just want to share with you all my added success with the Trim in 12 program. As you know I was already working out regularly doing Pump You Up and Zumba® several times a week before the program and I lost several pounds and many inches.... And I didn't really have a whole lot more to lose but...Doing the Trim in 12 program kept me on track and I am happy to report that my weight is now fluctuating between 118 and 121 and I lost 2% more of body fat.

I don't do any "diet" but I certainly try to be more conscious of what I am nibbling on.
I have 2 more percentage points of body fat to lose to get to my "goal" and I have no doubt that the Trimmer in 12 XTREME will keep me on track!

Thanks to all of you and I mean "ALL" of you, including fellow students who have encouraged me and noticed that I am getting more toned and looking "buff". Your support and words of encouragement mean the world to me!

Your Zumba® Friend Forever,

Let me start off by giving a big thanks to Doug, Joan, and everyone else involved at STUDIO Zumba® Fitness. When I started Zumba® in September of 2008, I did not feel like I was seeing the results I wanted because I was not dedicating myself to it. When the Trim in 12 came along, it pushed me to work out every single week, 3 times a week. It made me become more motivated and by the second week, I knew that it was going to work. Not only did I work out, but I also ate better.   Read more... 

Saturday night was the BEST time that I've had this year! It was like a gift and I loved it! You and Doug are absolutely fabulous and Studio Zumba® Fitness is the BEST fitness facility I've ever trained with. All I can say about Loibel is that she is a STAR! It was an HONOR training with her - I'm humbled and extremely thankful for the opportunity!!

I've been very active in the fitness community for over 20 years - be it running, yoga, and/or many aerobics/fitness classes. I've never seen anybody of that caliber -she is truly special.

You and Doug are first class!

~ Donna :-)


For just over one year now, I have taken advantage of the weight training and Zumba classes offered at STUDIO Zumba® Fitness. While the combination of weights and Zumba has made such a profound effect in life (in terms of weight loss and body sculpting), personal training at STUDIO Zumba® Fitness helped me in an even more profound way…  Read more...

In this day and age where most people you meet are only concerned about themselves; where most places you go just want to get you in and out - it is nice to find a place like STUDIO Zumba® Fitness.

STUDIO Zumba® Fitness is like a breath of fresh air. As soon as you walk in the bright colors and cheerful atmosphere greet you happily. The appreciation for your time and business is sincere and genuine.

You’ll be able to see that there is a lot of time and thought put into the class schedules, there is a lot of attention to the quality of instructors. All is done to give you the best experience possible. A fun and joyful experience. You will want to return!!!
You might even crave it like some us do ;-)

I don’t go to STUDIO Zumba® Fitness JUST to get a good workout to help my weight loss goals. I go to STUDIO Zumba® Fitness to refresh my attitude, to renew my spirit and to get the best Zumba workout in the area.

My motto: Zumba & STUDIO Zumba® Fitness go hand in hand. You can’t have one without the other. And BOTH are good for the mind, body and soul.

~ Tammy Karnehm

"Pond Orthodontics supports staff fitness through STUDIO Zumba® Fitness. Not only is it great cardio, it's actually fun! We provide our staff with free punch cards and encourage participation in Get Your TEAM ON. The reward for our teams in the top 10 will be to join STUDIO Zumba® Fitness on the February cruise!" 
~Dr. Liza Pond, DDS, MSD

Springtime…another season of change and thanks to STUDIO Zumba® Fitness, my waistline isn’t another size bigger. You will never know how many seasons would change along with the uncertainty of what size I would be this season.

All of that changed when I really became committed to Zumba® and started watching my portions. I really started seeing results when I added the Zumba® Toning classes into my schedule. They really made a huge difference with how my clothes fit and my overall health. I think the key to my success is REALLY being committed. When going to Zumba® became a commitment rather than just something fun that I liked to do once in a while, I really started to see results. I am now down about 2 pant sizes and over 20lbs. I feel great and have more energy to keep up with my children.

My name is Jenn Kroeker and most of you know me as the “holla out” girl in the Zumba® class. I am a wife and mother and like most people on the planet, have a very full life. Zumba® has been a wonderful outlet for me to have fun and do something for myself. I give to my family all day long and I find that doing something for yourself is very important to your overall health. Schedule time for yourself--put your name down on the family calendar and let everyone know…I am going to Zumba®.

I am so thankful to Doug and Joan for opening up SZ and for having so many classes available. They make it so easy to find time for “ME”…to get my Zumba® Groove on!!

See you in class!

~ Jenn Kroeker

I’m a 43-year-old mother of two teenagers who has spent the greatest majority of my life believing that “exercise” was a four-letter word. And “organized exercise” – classes where groups of people look like they are actually having fun while getting in shape – unfortunately, that’s not really for me, either. I’m not anti-social. . .just on the shy side and I don’t always feel very comfortable in group settings. Especially when it comes to something that I lack confidence in, like having the coordination and strength for certain exercise activities. . .that is why I absolutely LOVE my Personal Training sessions with Doug.

Not only is it great having one-on-one sessions with someone very knowledgeable about health and fitness, but I don’t have to worry about anyone (other than Doug!) watching or critiquing me. I get personalized attention so that I maintain proper form while strength training and encouragement when I feel like quitting.  Read more...

~ PC Paula

We are very fortunate to be living in Dayton, Ohio. Some people may not agree with that statement in terms of the loss of industry or other factors. What we have unique to our community that is the envy of many cities even larger is STUDIO Zumba® Fitness in Vandalia. I’ve been taking Zumba® for more than two years and coming to SZ since its inception. I only wish I would have had access to the option of beginner classes and “Pump You Up” that are now offered. The instructors are extremely accommodating and take the time to talk with me before or after class if I have questions about techniques and choreography. As someone who experienced chronic knee issues after doing fifteen years of step aerobics, I’m thankful for the wood flooring not available at many other venues in the community. I’m also very appreciative of having been exposed to the special events that have taken place such as Zumba® founder Beto coming to Dayton along with Tony Witt from Kansas City in addition to “Men’s Night” and the “Zumba Exposed” program. It’s been fascinating to take classes from most of these certified professionals to gain insight into how each class is different in terms of the music and choreography. My special thanks to Doug and Joan, Stephanie and Heather for whipping this 48-year-old man into the best shape of my life. Inspiration leads to perspiration and for me lots of it.

~ Barney