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Studio Students

Dr. Nina Tan & Dr. Don Wharton (husband & wife)
Brookville, Ohio

Hello everyone! My name is Nina. I'm a full-time mom to my three almost grown kids, and a family doctor. I wanted to share about my experience at the STUDIO.

First of all, I can't describe myself as ever being athletic or a fitness minded person. I've never battled issues with weight until it slowly crept up on me after having kids.

I had always enjoyed dancing but hadn't used it as a form of exercise. The last time I had formally pursued exercise classes was about 10 years prior, when I tried jazzercise. I liked the hour of full impact aerobics, but I couldn't stick with it.

After learning about STUDIO Zumba® from my friend Lisa, we decided to try a class in Nov 2007. Well, we thoroughly enjoyed it! This was the first exercise class that was dancing! and so much fun that I forgot that I was exercising! As a doctor who was encouraging patients to exercise regularly, I was impressed with all the people around me of all different ages and sizes, moving to the beat and each one getting a workout at their level. They were all smiling and having fun. This seemed like something everyone in that class could stick to!

As for me, I did stick to it. I met Marianne who shared her story of dropping 4 pant sizes after 10 months of doing Zumba®...I was encouraged. After doing Zumba® about 5 times a week and not changing my diet, 6 months later....I had lost 20 pounds and dropped 2 pant sizes!!! My hair and skin looks healthier! Needless to say, I've continue to Zumba® regularly ....From a medical standpoint, recent research has continued to provide evidence of the benefits of weight bearing exercise and resistance training to help with bone density/strength and improved overall function at all ages. .I've added some form of weight training by incorporating pump classes, Zumba toning®, and Pilates. This had improved my muscle tone and body strength.  I find myself at the age of 47, being the fittest that I've ever been!

I have tried other facilities that teach Zumba® and have found that STUDIO Zumba® Fitness provides the best facility for Zumba®...from the physical facility (instructor platform, music, mirrors, ventilation, flooring, weight equipment, cleanliness, lighting, smoothie bar, atmosphere) to the excellent quality of instruction and programs offered. I have taken classes from all the instructors here, and they each have a unique style of Zumba®. I encourage you to try classes from a different instructor several times. They also offers special event/classes from Zumba® Education Specialists who come from around the nation....truly a special treat.

Doug, Joan, and all the instructors place a lot of thought/time/effort into making STUDIO Zumba® Fitness the Best Fitness Facility in Dayton!!! I would argue a much further distance....I have not been able to find a similar facility anywhere else.

Recently, my husband Don, also a family doc, has joined me with taking some PUMP! classes at the studio Zumba®. It's fun to be exercising with hubby at my side :) Sometimes it's a family affair when my kids come and Zumba with me, yes, even my sons :)

Thanks STUDIO Zumba® Fitness for this fitness journey that I never want to ever stop taking!

~ Nina Tan

Dave & Chris Mesker

I started doing Zumba® in the Spring of 2006 and then began coming to The Studio Fitness (then Studio Zumba® Fitness) the day they opened (I remember this because it was my birthday) January 14, 2007!

I was so hooked on Zumba® classes for cardio that when The Studio introduced the PUMP! classes I asked....what do I need that for? I don't want to look like a body builder! I am perfectly happy taking Zumba®. But when I hit a huge plateau in my weight loss I realized I needed to make an adjustment.  The PUMP! classes have made the biggest difference in my body. I lost more weight and got the bonus of nicely toned muscles and better fitting clothes! Less bulges! Yipee! I also now have more stamina for my job as a massage therapist.

 So now I am doing about 3-4 cardio classes and 2-3 PUMP! or strength classes a week and if I miss some classes I sure can tell!

I was having so much fun and started looking so good my husband got kind of jealous! So  who do you think is at my side almost every night now when I am taking class?....Yep it's my hubby, Dr. Dave!

~ Chris

Zumba®! What the &%$# is Zumba®? That was my question 2 years ago when my wife came home all excited about this new Latin dancing, aerobic exercising, weighting training, pole dancing studio she had just discovered. My initial reaction was, you go for it babe! It would be great for her. She loves dancing and was wanting to lose weight and get into better shape. I'll stay at home and keep and eye on the Chihuahuas.

Over the next year Chris was getting skinnier, toning up and looking wonderful. I was heading the opposite direction. Although I didn't feel that bad I knew my health was becoming an issue. My clothes were getting tighter, I had no energy, and I was snoring the brick mortar loose from the house. That is what prompted my wife to give me the ultimatum. Either I get back in shape or move to a different bedroom. Needless to say, since I preferred the present sleeping arrangements, I agreed to work on improving my health.

I initially was very skeptical of attending Zumba® classes. I have never been able to dance well due to a congenital abnormality (two left feet), and wasn't sure if I was in good enough shape to participate. I quickly found out how simple it was. You start at your own pace, increasing the intensity of the workout over time. The moves are not that difficult and get easier with repetition. Better yet, no one cares if you don't dance well. We are all there to have fun and to get in shape. I am now attending 7 or more classes per week consisting of both aerobic exercises and weight training.

Zumba® has not only helped me in regaining my health, but has added quality to my life. I'll be 49 years old this May. I have lost 35 pounds over the past one and a half years. I am feeling better, more energetic, and having the time of my life. In addition, my wife and I do many of the classes together which has strengthened our bond. I would highly recommend Zumba® for individuals and couples interested in improving their well being, mind and soul.

~ Dave

Jim & Sharon Deis

Meet Jim and Sharon Deis. Jim is a Dayton Firefighter. Jim’s life, or the life of others, may depend on his fitness. Sharon is a nurse who struggles with heart failure and is committed to reversing her condition through nutrition and exercise. Two to three times each week our 2 Mini Schnauzers know we are getting ready to go to class at STUDIO Zumba® Fitness, they recognize the routine. They understand the words “STUDIO Zumba® Fitness” and know we won’t be gone long. STUDIO Zumba® Fitness is part of our life now.

When we enter the studio, we are always greeted with a smiling face and a "hello!" Joan is a gifted people person. I do not know how she does it, but she remembers everyone. It’s a very friendly, happy, everybody-is-included atmosphere that makes the exercise fun and provides the needed encouragement for success.

The “Pump You Up” class at the studio is our favorite class. Using weights is something familiar to Jim and provides a great workout for both of us. We love working out to music. Doug and Kris vary the classes every time, which makes it challenging every time.
We love the special touches at the studio, like the fresh flowers in the bathroom or the quaint art deco sitting areas. Recently we learned the cool international flags hanging in the main studio represent the different instructors who have taught at STUDIO Zumba® Fitness. The family friendly atmosphere makes this a comfortable place to work out and we hope to see you there soon!


Chris & Deb Pulos

Chris & Deb live in Clayton, Ohio

I’ve been exercising, training and having a blast at STUDIO Zumba Fitness since the day they opened. I have found the perfect blend of fitness, dance and fun. Personal training with Doug is result-oriented and a great learning experience.

STUDIO Zumba Fitness is a non- membership facility, I pay as I go; I find that to be non-restrictive. What I like most about the Studio is its attention to detail and the personal attention I get. Whatever class I choose feels like it is tailored just for me. When I have limited availability for working out, STUDIO Zumba Fitness really maximizes my workout time. Circuit, Pump, Zumba and Toning classes provide a varied workout for me; I don’t know which one I like best. It took me a little while, but once I convinced my husband that STUDIO Zumba Fitness offered more than Zumba, he became hooked on the “Pump You Up” Class.

P.S. Did I mention the juice bar? Just another reason I’m hooked on STUDIO Zumba Fitness.

~ Deb Pulos

I’ve spent my whole life doing different workouts and have never run across anyone as motivating as Doug Jones, co-owner and fitness specialist at STUDIO Zumba Fitness. The “Pump You Up” classes started as a great way to supplement my workout routine, but have become a mainstay, working smaller muscle groups, and changing up my routine. While my schedule doesn’t afford me the opportunity of working out every day, I have become a regular at STUDIO Zumba Fitness attending the pump classes regularly, even throwing in a Zumba class now and then. I have actually inputted “Pump You Up” classes in my Blackberry; they have become a ‘standing appointment’ in my book. Doug is a one-of-a-kind instructor. I’ve taken class with my wife, my son and my daughter. I guess you can say STUDIO Zumba Fitness has become a family affair.

~ Chris Pulos

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