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New Facebook Page

Welcome to 4Leaf4Hope! We are launching this page in conjunction with May being Mental Health Awareness Month. It is our hope to help "normalize" the conversation and break the stigma that can be associated with it.
Our mission is to increase compassion and mercy for those who's lives are touched, but not defined, by mental illness.
Bringing joy, hope and awareness of mental health through our 4 leaf clover creations.  Don't  struggle in silence, there is HOPE if you look for it.



One Time & Session Events




Oct. 1st - Oct. 8th

Never been to the The Studio FIT? Well here's your chance...FOR FREE!
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A message from Dr. Dave  

Mental Illness Awareness Week was established in 1990 by the U.S. Congress declaring the first full week of October as Mental Illness Awareness Week.  

During this week, mental health advocates and organizations across the U.S. join to sponsor events to promote community outreach and public education concerning mental illnesses.  

Let's be completely honest, We all have some degree of depression and anxiety issues.   You, your family members or your friends may already be treating these conditions with medications and/or counseling.  

There is strong evidence that supports the fact that regular exercise should also be including in the treatment of mental health disorders. Research shows that usually within five minutes after moderate exercise you get a mood-enhancement effect. But the effects of physical activity extend far beyond the short-term. Exercise can also help alleviate long-term depression and anxiety.   Best yet, you don't need a prescription. Stay active everyone. Keep yourself physically and mentally healthy. "  

Thank you, Dr. Dave for your words and being a friend to all at The Studio Fitness!  










Attending to your Mental Health at Studio Fitness

By Theresa K.  RN

The first week of October was declared Mental Health Awareness week by the US Congress. As we think about the difficulties of some people who have mental health needs all of the time, it also makes sense to think about the fact that all of us have mental health needs some of the time. As a mental health nurse I want to talkabout recognizing and caring for yourself when those times arise in your life.

First, when will this occur? Even in the most normal and well supported emotional life, we anticipate that our parents will die before we do. The death of a parent is a normal time for having trouble emotionally and needing to attend to our mental health to be able to recover and move on. Saying, “I’m strong enough to get through this until it is over,” is not what I am talking about.  I’m talking about acknowledging the emotional weakness and insecurity that is natural when this type of event occurs and making an effort to take care of your self until those feelings of instability have turned back to a spirit of hope in the future.  But does anyone even have a perfectly normal life? As they have said since the time of Ancient Greece: Be kind to everyone you meet, because you have no idea what battles they are fighting.  Divorce and Bankruptcy may be very necessary tools to move you forward in life, but they are still going to cause great emotional distress. Private stories of bullying, abuse, death of an acquaintance, or multiple other person to person traumas can also cause temporary or lifelong issues with stable mental health. And even the good and positive things we do, like marrying, getting a new job, or having a baby can create issues of change and newness that cause stress and demand that we do some mental health soothing to survive.

Second, what should be done?  When you find yourself saying, “I’m just not myself” you are probably having a lapse in mental health hygiene. No, you are not sick! One of the points of mental health awareness week is to reduce stigma. We need to understand that having episodes of not feeling like ourselves due to stress, change and circumstances outside our control is a normal part of life. That awareness reduces the stigma of mental health need because we all have times we can identify with having mental health needs. You need to eat to stay healthy, in the same way, learn to take care of your mental health to stay healthy, too. Enjoying the support and help of others for mental health is often associated with enjoying a social dinner. We know this but we tend to talk about the good food and not the good emotional support. The first week of October, try to acknowledge both.

Third, how can this be done? I’m a nurse, and if you were my patient we could talk about that, but everyone is different and the final answer to which activities and actions bring you back to feeling like yourself again is up to you. I can give you some generalities but primarily your own evaluation of what is and isn’t working for you is the point of mental health awareness.  If you know well what helps you feel true to yourself then just do a check up this week to see if you are really doing it or if you have been neglecting your mental health. We are informed by many experts that nutrition and exercise help your body and mind by improving productive use of energy. Music is also a good therapy for mental health.

Fourth, what has this got to do with Studio Fitness? I have been a member of Studio Fitness for two months and the atmosphere is everything a person needs when feeling emotionally distressed. It has fantastic music! The atmosphere is supportive and there are a variety of classes so that you can choose a level and time that suits you. You don’t have to tell anyone your needs if you don’t want to, but doing dancing and exercise as a group helps to enjoy the pleasure of company even if you don’t feel like talking. Maybe that is better said: especially if you don’t feel like talking. Joining a group that is focused on something besides your troubles can be a form of escape from those troubles and belonging to a group with a positive focus can help lift your personal focus.

The Studio Fitness is having some free classes during mental health awareness week just to give people a chance to come and see what is available for making plans to take care of their mental health.

This year make mental health awareness a part of your own personal plan for self care and you will find yourself becoming a more empathetic and accepting person who helps remove the stigma from mental health treatment.

Thank you Theresa K. For your wisdom, encouragement and being a Studio Unlimited ULTIMATE Member.



Frightfully FIT for kids!
Saturday, October 28th, 11am-12pm
Kids of all ages

The cost is $7 per child. Zumba, hip hop, games, prizes, & a healthy Halloween treat! Costumes welcome!   Join Instructors Nina Maldonado, Lina, Stephanie and their lil goblins!  

Kids of all ages... Ages 1-4 must be accompanied by an adult.



Doug Returns to TSF!

Doug will returns to classes! Doug will join Instructor Jessica this Saturday at 9:00 am for Zumba!   Thursday 6:30 pm starting this Thursday! TSF KettlebellFIT  

Saturdays in October 9:00 am Zumba w/Doug and Joan 11:00 am TSF KettlebellFIT w/Doug




9:00 am TSF ULTIMATE WORKOUT 101 (cardio dance+strength) w/Marianne  
10:00 am LaBlast Silk 101 w/Chris (ballroom style moves without a partner! FUN!)






















TSF...It Does a Body Good!

LaBlast, R&B Line Dancing, U-JAM
Cardio BoUnCe, Zumba, And so much more!

Dancing is good for our brain, body and soul!




Welcome to our new Facebook page 4leaf4hope! 

We are launching this page in conjunction with May being Mental Health Awareness Month. It is our hope to help "normalize" the conversation and break the stigma that can be associated with it.   Our mission is to increase compassion and mercy for those who's lives are touched, but not defined, by mental illness.    Bringing joy, hope and awareness of mental health through our 4 leaf clover creations.  Don't  struggle in silence, there is HOPE if you look for it.






Click Below to View a GREAT LaBlast Fitness Video!
Join Chris for LaBlast Tuesday at 6:30 PM,
Wednesday Beginner Level LaBlast at 5:30 PM,
LaBlast, Thursday at 6:30 PM and Saturday Beginner LaBlast 10:00 AM

LaBlast Fitness | Dayton, Ohio | 3.10.16

We had so much fun filming with Chris and her LaBlast Fitness Dayton OH class at The Studio Fitness. Here are a few clips from their full length video.

Posted by Agape Media, LLC on Saturday, March 12, 2016



In The News

Read an article from the Dayton Daily News about PILOXING!  Did you know The Studio Fitness offers this class, and that Instructor Connie is one of only a few ELITE instructors of PILOXING in the entire country?

Read "Total Body Tabata: A Personal Perspective" by Barney Sentner

Why Group Exercise?
One of the main reasons for people “quitting the gym” is lack of support, motivation, and enjoyment. Without the knowledge from a personal trainer, it is difficult to know what workouts to do, making it frustrating and easy to give up and go home. Plus, it is hard to motivate yourself to exercise to your fullest potential if you are alone. Here are some fantastic benefits of attending group exercise classes:

Safety Issues

For the fifth year in a row �� The Studio Fitness (formerly Studio Zumba Fitness) has been voted "The Best Place to Burn Calories in Dayton 2013” on!  We thank everyone for their support and votes!  It is an accomplishment to just be nominated for the poll, but to win this distinction FIVE years in a row is a testament to not only our incredible staff, instructors and facility, but to the dedicated students who choose to make The Studio Fitness their favorite place to burn calories! Thank you!